Costruct - innovation strategy, emerging markets

J Burton Walsh - private equity, talent search

Lemon Advisors - Asia markets, market entry

Marcondes & Smith - South America, Sao-Paulo based

T2M - global semiconductor technology IP supplier

A network to deliver results

TechSpark works with a network of partners that businesses and organizations need as part of their growth and market development journey. Through our partner network, we can do a great job for your needs.

When resources are limited and budgets are tight, you need to be sure you’re working with people who have the contacts and the experience to deliver results. People who’ve done it before and know how to work from tight budgets and deadlines.

Our years of experience mean we can identify and create potential opportunities for increasing your organization’s visibility and value.

You don’t need to try and manage several different agencies and consultants because we take the weight off your shoulders – so that you can focus on your business and your products or services.