Company experience

Experienced professionals, who've been there and done it before

TechSpark was founded by Nitin Dahad, who has 30+ years plus experience at a senior level in industry and as a government advisor.

Prior to forming TechSpark, he was part of a successful team that took microprocessor startup ARC International (spun out of Argonaut Software with seed funding from Nintendo) to the USA and floating it on the London Stock Exchange. This experience involved everything from marketing and PR to operations, growth, fundraising, business development, partner relations, and being instrumental in helping establish the company in San Jose, California.

This background ensures we understand what's effective, what works and what doesn't. Success depends on creating the right, cost effective approach to growth, marketing, and business development, as well as effective implementation of the plan. Because we've done it before - many times - we can ensure that the money you spend is channelled to get effective results for you.

TechSpark has worked with numerous companies and organizations – from technology and industrial, to publishing and government and economic development agencies.

We work with partners and affiliates around the world to ensure you benefit from our knowledge and experience.


Sample clients

Dialog Semiconductor: TechSpark was virtual marketing communications office for Dialog for six years, providing global marketing, PR, trade show support, investor relations and much more.

Jennic: Successful press campaign in USA, Europe & Asia. Jennic subsequently acquired by NXP.

Frontier Silicon: TechSpark provide full PR and marcoms support globally, and significantly raised profile that resulted in successful fundraising.

UK Trade & Investment: Working with hundreds of companies and trade missions to support market expansion and business growth in the USA, Brazil, Middle East, North Africa and India. In addition, creating seminars and content for seminars to showcase UK tech and innovation around the world.

The IET: Created new publication and creating / editing content for global engineering magazine.

Cross Creative: Delivering workshops and training for delegation of UK creative companies preparing for business trip to Silicon Valley, USA, plus support on creating and refining elevator pitches.

Dyzle: Creating awareness and thought leadership in the pharmaceutical and food supply chain and logistics industry, with various marketing, PR, business development, trade show support activities, including creating and maintaining the blog.