We don't talk tech

Target your audience

The single most important mistake we see businesses make is to talk tech features rather than end user benefits. We help change that mindset, so that all stakeholders understand the value of their offer.

The vital spark

Supporting all aspects of developing market presence. Globally.

  • Create awareness
  • Raise profile
  • Build value
  • Generate leads
  • Develop business
  • Market entry
  • Global expansion
  • New launches
  • Content creation
  • Thought leadership

We'll help you deliver results based on your objectives

Growing market presence, helping build value

We are a hands-on marketing strategy and advisory firm focused on helping clients build stakeholder confidence, which ultimately helps win business and build value. If you have an idea, we help create the plans and deliver the message.  We translate ideas into reality.

Although TechSpark was originally established in 2002 to ‘provide the spark’ for technology companies, we evolved into all industries underpinned by technology, as well as working with government departments and economic development agencies. 

The key is to tell the right story to the audiences that matter using the most relevant channels for you – both online and offline.

Through our global network of partners and affiliates, we deliver internationally.

Diverse sectors, global reach

We have an established track record in the private and public sector

  • Creating and delivering global marketing programs for technology companies. Notable successes were startups from Germany, Sweden and the UK, which were ultimately acquired by major global firms.
  • Business development and market development programs in industries increasingly relying on tech, such as pharmaceutical and food logistics, supply chain, education, fashion and music.
  • Global expansion, supporting numerous international trade delegations in the USA, Brazil, India, the Far East, Middle East and Africa to help build their understanding of different business cultures, and leveraging our networks to increase their business opportunities.

Why TechSpark can deliver what you need

Our established industry and government experience and worldwide network, plus startup background, helps build your business, or create a stronger reputation for your organization. All senior individuals and partners working with TechSpark have significant experience in business startups, scaleups and established organizations.

Whether it’s simple marketing communications, or whether its market entry, expansion and business development, we have the people and the partners to deliver results that make an impact.